The Bug vs. Guac

The Bug and I are visiting my mom for the weekend in Delaware.  We just arrived late this afternoon, so decided to go out to eat at La Tonalteca in Rehoboth Beach.  Well, Mom and I got to witness our own version of Man vs. Food.


I’ve think I’ve mentioned that my kid is a good eater.  Well, nothing exemplifies this more than when you put him in front of a plate of Mexican food.  No enchilada stands a chance.  And mind you, this video taken was after he had already eaten an entire plate of food.

On Saturday, Mom and I are going to the Rehoboth Beach Chocolate Festival! I can’t wait to taste some treats, and get some recipe inspiration.  I’ll definitely be posting pictures of all of the wonderful, chocolate goodness.

Are you surprised by any of the foods that your kid(s) love?


6 responses

  1. I love your boy. He is quite the foodie. Thanks for sharing. My girls are all grown up now, but when Caitlin was three and I found out she liked calamari, I was so surprised because at the time, I didn’t like it myself.

  2. Thank you for stopping by! Hmm, calamari – not one of my favorites. My husband gets it occasionally. Not sure if we have shared it with The Bug yet.

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