Recipe Without a Recipe: PB&J Yogurt

So what is a Recipe Without a Recipe?  Well, I’m always looking at what we have in the pantry and fridge to come up with quick and easy breakfasts, lunches, and snacks for The Bug.  I want to make his meals and snacks as nutritious as possible, focusing on “real foods”, plus the same-old-same-old gets boring.  I mean, how many times can you give a toddler apple slices or grapes or carrot sticks or cheese or raisins before it gets totally boring?  So I’ve tried to come up with some alternatives to packaged crackers, cereal, and mac & cheese, but that still require little effort.  These are my Recipes Without a Recipe, and I will share them with you from time to time.

The Bug has pretty much been eating yogurt almost everyday since I first gave it to him when he was, oh, about 9 months old.  Other than the occasional treat of going out for or making pancakes or waffles with syrup, I try to avoid giving him a dose of added sugar for breakfast, which you usually find in those little yogurt cups.  Even the ones made for kids have 12 or more grams of sugar.  And they are teeny-tiny – The Bug could probably polish off two or three at breakfast.  Plus, for little ones, at least until they are 2 or 3, full fat dairy is what they need.  Those prepackaged yogurts are usually low fat, and the Day-glo colors that some of them come in freak me out a little.  Plus the extra cost and extra trash kinda bugs me, too.  So unless we are traveling and need the convenience of pre-packaged yogurt cups, I tend to buy a big container of Stonyfield Farms Organic Whole Milk Yogurt, and mix in fresh or thawed, frozen fruit.  But since he does eat A LOT of yogurt, I try to at least keep in interesting by coming up with some different combinations.  Plus it is a way to sneak in some other good-for-you ingredients to increase the protein, fiber, and flavor.  Here is one of his faves…

PB&J Yogurt

1.  Spoon some plain yogurt into a bowl.  I pretty much always give The Bug Stonyfield Farms Organic Whole Milk Yogurt.

Put yogurt in bowl

2.  Add a spoonful of your favorite nut (or non-nut, a.k.a. sunflower seed) butter.  This is almond butter, but I usually use peanut butter.

Add nut butter

3.  Add some finely chopped fruit.  I usually go with strawberries or grapes – kind of a classic PB&J combo.

Put fruit in bowl

4.  If you like, top with your “nutrition booster” of choice, such as wheat germ, ground flax seeds, chia seeds (I haven’t tried these yet, but I want to), granola, chopped nuts, etc.  This is wheat germ here.

Add wheat germ

5.  Stir it all up.  Then smell it.  I always do.  Smells so yummy!

Stir it up

6.  Enjoy!

The Bug eating yogurt

Clearly this is Bug-approved!

Empty bowl

What do you usually eat for breakfast?  Is there something that you eat pretty much everyday?


7 responses

  1. PB&J yogurt sounds good!
    I usually have eggs for breakfast….and I’m a fan of everyone drinking/eating full fat dairy, not just tiny people, so I buy full fat Fage greek yogurt and sometimes eat that with peanut butter (but I’ve never added jelly…I bet that’s amazing!).

    • I know that a lot of people are talking about full fat dairy being better. I am just afraid to make the switch. I know conventional wisdom is being proven to be wrong, but I have genetic high cholesterol, so it makes me nervous to consume all of that saturated fat. I do eat and drink a lot of dairy.

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